I am the type of person who thrives off of the familiar, the routine. When I am thrown into new situations, even good ones, that are unfamiliar to me, I typically have a difficult time adjusting. This week is Spring Break and I am spending it with some precious friends In Jacksonville where my friend, Jordan lives. We are having a lovely time beaching it up, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool just shooting some b-ball outside of the school…… (Okay I’m stopping)

As great as this vacation has been, I cannot tell a lie, the first few days were darkened by homesickness, school stress, all stirred up and provoked by my new, clamorous, exciting surroundings. Abigail became overstimulated to the max. I became overly irritable, generally on edge, and most of all frustrated that I felt that way. Then, I bought a book. I read the book in two or three sittings, and the end broke open and released all of the feeling inside of me. I cried for the characters in the book, I let the writer have her way, and affect me through her beautiful story. My moment of catharsis. 

In Greek tragedy catharsis is the moment of emotional purging. The moment when the audience allows art to relate to them deeper than just what the onlooker might see. Catharsis happens when the audience looks internally and finally allows itself to feel something without holding back anymore. Catharsis is emotional purging.

All truth is God’s truth. The fact that I am able to feel and cry and laugh and be silly is all thanks to my Creator. How could I not have seen that God wanted me to have that moment before it even started. 

“Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.” Psalm 55:22

Why do I ever imagine that I can carry anything alone? Why, after all these years do I keep on trying? The truth is that God allowed me to see his grace and love through something as trivial and unworthy as a novel. Through the art and creation of a teen novelist, he showed his open arms once more, and took my burdens upon his back. Man, do I love him. 

So now maybe I can take everything a little less seriously. I’m chilling out now. Now through these unclouded eyes I can laugh when Megan says something stupid in her sleep, enjoy every sip of my diet coke, soak up every drop of sunlight on this beautiful day. I am laughing at all the silly jokes, taking every moment to just be thankful and make memories. I will never have this week again. Thank you, Jesus, for Florida. Thank you, Lord, for the strawberry cupcake I ate today. Thank you, Jesus, for my friends. Thank you, Jesus, for catharsis.