The Courtroom of God.

My intro to Theology class got me thinking about faith. I saw faith in a new way today, and I must share.

Faith can be compared to a courtroom. In my case, my participation in the Christian faith is the setting. In Hebrews 11 faith is defined as “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.” In our case, the unseen is Jesus Christ. I have never seen Jesus Christ in the flesh. However, I have faith in Him because all the evidence says YES. I know the verdict before the case is closed. I have complete faith that Jesus is who He says he is in the Bible because all the evidence says so. I’ve seen the work of the Holy Spirit, I can see the work of a Creator all around me, I am assured that He is indeed alive when He talks back to me; coaxing me deeper and deeper into His love. We all stand in this temporary courtroom called faith where we have to make a choice about Jesus. Making the choice not to make a decision, is still a decision.

But one day, there will be no need for faith, for the unseen will finally be seen. The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen will point straight to the Author and Perfecter of our faith, Jesus Christ. “These three remain: faith hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Cor 13:13)” When our faith and our hope falls away, my love for Him and His love for me shall stand.

On that day all of us, no matter our faith, will enter another courtroom. This courtroom is called judgement.
God the Father is the judge. No matter how well you performed on Earth, no matter how many good things you did, no one can pass the judgement of God. His standards and qualifications are unattainable for us. But if the Father is the greatest, most righteous Judge, than Jesus is the best defense attorney. I can stand confident knowing that when I stand under the judgment of God, Jesus will step in and declare that the price for my sin has already been paid. In the courtroom of God, I stand free from chains, because in the courtroom of faith I believed and endured.

Friends, while you are still in this courtroom called faith, search and find. Even if you don’t believe in Him, petition Jesus to prove Himself to you. Look for answers. Collect evidence. Ask friends. Make an informed decision about Christ. Be open. Don’t pass up the opportunity to decide how your story ends.