Israel | Part One

Dreams come true, people. They really do. I know this because inΒ just a few short weeks, I will be BOARDING A PLANE TO ISRAEL. Here is a gif of Taylor Swift awkwardly dancing to celebrate.

taylor dancing gif.gif

My dad, who is co-leading the trip with my mom, asked me to write a blog about my expectations for the trip. That request was somewhat laughable. I have SO MANY thoughts and feelings about what I’m going to experience in the Holy Land, and yet I know that none of them accurately describe what I will think and feel. That’s just kind of how these things work. I’d rather not try and shove this opportunity into the tiny box of my expectations.

So, Dad, to answer your question- I’m trying not to have any expectations for this trip. I will, however, attempt to describe what’s been going on in my heart as we prepare for our most anticipated pilgrimage.

As I revisited the itinerary for our trip, and remembered the biblical events that occurred there, it was as if a cloud of Sunday School felt boards and singalong cassette tapes started resurfacing in my mind. I brushed aside the sudden craving for animal crackers and lemonade out of a mouth wash cup, and I tried to remember the first time I heard many of these incredible bible stories.

With a child-like faith, I fell in love with a God who calmed a storm with his hands and walked on water. In wonder, I believed in a God whoΒ proved his love for me on a cross and rose from the grave three days later. It’s remarkable for me to consider that after all these years, I can still hear these stories and learn something new. The power of God’s word hasn’t worn off on me and surely never will.

Today, with an overflowing heart, I believe that the Jesus who did all of those things a couple thousand years ago is the same one I fell in love with at sunday school in the late 90s, and is the same one whom I follow today. This Jesus is the real reason I’m even going to Israel.

Of all the sum of my hopes and expectations for this trip, here is the only thing I know for certain…

I’m not worthy to go where my Lord was born … But I’m so glad he was.

I’m not worthy to walk where my Lord lived … But I’m so glad he did.

I’m not worthy to stand on the ground where my Savior gave his life for mine … But I’m so glad he did.

I’m not worthy to enter in the tomb where my King laid dead, but rose on the third day … But – oh. I’m so glad he did.