When I was in elementary school, almost every winter morning I would wake up, scramble over to the window and pray that snow would be on the ground so I didn’t have to go to school. Considering I grew up in Marietta, Georgia, that didn’t happen very often. But… a few special times, glee filled my little heart as I peered out of my upstairs bedroom window to find a blanket of snow covering our hilly front yard.

I had to catch my breath as I caught the first glance of the New York City skyline through an airplane window. Only a few months ago, I clapped and cheered when the large rectangular window of a bus revealed my first glimpse of the Holy City to my hungry eyes.

It’s through windows that I’ve waved my last, teary goodbyes to my parents as I headed back to school. The view of a lit Christmas tree in a living room window has warmed my heart time and time again. Light pouring through a window wakes me. Car wash windows make me smile. Rainy windows make me feel thoughtful. Stained glass windows make me feel nostalgic. Open windows make me feel free.

Of course, “The Reverend Mother always says ‘When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” (If you don’t get the reference, then just leave)

Windows serve a purpose. They provide a connection between two things on either side of a barrier. Without windows in our homes, we would hardly have any natural light and we would never be able to see what the weather was unless we went outside. Windowless cars would be much, much too dangerous to drive. Windowless airplanes would be boring. Windowless shops would hardly sell a thing.

Here’s the important thing about windows- no one ever stops to admire how beautiful a window is – They remember what they saw because ofΒ it.

I want to be a window.

What if, regardless of any other vocation or calling, the foundational purpose of my life was to be a window for God’s love? I want my life to be about pointing others to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will spend every breath I have left on earth becoming a connecting point between the lost and the only One in which they can be truly found.

Are you willing to give your life to show the world the one who saved it?

As a student, let your life be a window. As a husband or wife, let your marriage be a window. As a parent, be a window to your children. Be a window to your clients, your friends, your family. Let the power and light that saved your life pour through your opening in this barrier between Christ and a broken world who has not yet known the freedom on the other side. Be a window.


(Arjun Narayen Photography)