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There was a popular article circulating the web not too long ago detailing the ten types of women that Christian men should avoid when considering marriage. On this list, in spot number 4, was (you guessed it): The Feminist.

As the author of the original post put it, “There’s no room within Christendom for the ‘Christian feminist.'”

When Abigail Hewins was a freshman at Lee University, she would’ve agreed with the aforementioned article wholeheartedly.

“When I first came to Lee, I thought feminism was dumb, and wrong, actually,” Hewins said, “Not only was I not a feminist, but I thought that men were greater than women. Not just that we didn’t need feminism because men and women were already equal, but I legitimately thought that God’s best way for us was that God loved men and He loved women, and he created them differently. But, men were designed to be…

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