What I Learned From My Christian Education


A week from today I will be a college graduate. Shhhhhh….. can you hear that? That’s the sounds of a thousand angels singing and playing harps in perfect harmony.

Okay, so it’s probably not a secret that I’m PUMPED about crossing the finish line, but you might not know that this year there have been moments when I’ve regretted attending a small Christian institution.

I’ve had thoughts like “Gosh I wish I’d gone to a school with more diverse perspectives.”

or “wow I wish I’d gone to a school with less rich white people.”

and my  personal favorite ,”Geez, the selection of boys at this school is so pathetic.”

And, of course, there have been aspects of the faith integration portion of my education that have seemed laborious and stupid. Chapel started to feel aritificial so I just stopped going and (despite what you’ve heard) required service isn’t actually service.

Nonetheless, there is something precious I’ve gained from my Christian education that I’m not sure I would’ve gotten anywhere else. This is big- no huge. It’s vital. And, to be truthful, it has kept me hanging on to my faith.

The truth is, there are professors at Lee that have taught me more about what it means to live out my Christian calling than service learning, required chapel and religion classes combined. 

Thank you Doc Moe, Prof V, Dr. Barnett, Dr. Singletary and others for showing me what it means to be like Jesus.

Thank you, Dr. Singletary, for coming around the desk to comfort me when I cried. 

Thank you, Prof V, for helping me see everything I’m capable of and reminding me to treat every person that I interact with like they are the most important person in the world, because in that moment, they are.

Thank you, Dr. Barnett, for seeing me in a sea of students and caring for me individually.

Thank you, Doc Moe, for showing me what a strong, intellegent, bad ass woman looks like.

This is what my Christian education taught me: People will forget about books and bullet points and what grade they got on their midterm, but they won’t forget how you treated them.

I graduate in a week. I plan to change the world and get a PhD and write books about the things I know. I plan to spread the seeds of my knowlege on fertile soil that will grow into mighty oaks.

But I know that all the education in the world could never be as important as treating people with dignity, respect and love. None of that could be as influential as being Jesus to someone, and that’s what Lee has done for me.

So, I guess I don’t regret my Christian education one bit. What the hell- I’m proud to be a Lee Flame! (but like could we take the mascot under review bc it’s so lame you guys)




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